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We are part of nature’s web of life and our health and beauty is deeply interconnected with the health and beauty of our environment. Whilst modern society has brought many achievements to our lives, it has also flooded the world with a wide array of man-made chemicals and other harmful pollutants that challenge our environment and health. We have to consider when selecting skin care products that everything we apply to our skin will most likely be absorbed into our bodies as well. Our Natural Cosmetics; skin and hair care products offer the purest, cleanest and most effective results.The highest quality ingredients are employed in Cinere products to create well-balanced and nourishing formulations. At Cinere Natural Cosmetics, we use only the finest Essential Oils for their healing, calming and rejuvenating properties. The natural content in the herbs we use have been widely tested and do not cause any side effects on the human body, they instead enriching the hair and skin with nutrients and other useful properties.


We only have one body – it therefore makes sense to wisely take care of it. Due to the numerous environmental factors affecting our planet and our own health and beauty, it is of great importance to carefully select the products we use on our body everyday.

Our skin care products are developed with personal health and the environment in mind. Cinere products are produced as nature intended, using herbal ingredients and avoiding the employment of mineral oils, parabens or artificial colours. By using genuine, high quality natural skin care products we assure you will receive healthy wholesome care for your body and skin.


Our state of the art equipped laboratories undertake the formulation and preparation of our herbal cosmetics, paying close attention to every aspect of the production.

The preparatory process is carried out under the supervision of herbal experts. After they are prepared, the products are then tested for efficacy and safety. Our highly qualified and experienced professionals work closely alongside each other to achieve the highest standards of production within the beauty industry. Raw materials are gathered from various natural sources and are then translated into final products, employing quality care and supervision.

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