Hydra Plus Timeless Moisturising Cream for Oily Skin

Hydra Plus Timeless Moisturising Cream for Oily Skin

Formulated for noticeable results by rapidly decreasing oil levels, restoring the skin’s natural balance.

50 cc / 32 £

About This Product

Excessively oily skin is often caused by the over production of sebum in the sebaceous glands which lie just beneath the skin’s surface. Sebum is an essential natural lubricant; vital for the maintenance of healthy skin and a youthful complexion however, too much sebum causes excess oil which often leads to breakouts, blackheads and acne. The sebaceous glands are particularly active around the T zone compared to other areas of the face. It is impossible to fully control the oil generated by the sebaceous glands however, using an effective moisturiser that has been formulated for oily skin will yield noticeable results by rapidly decreasing oil levels and restoring the skin’s natural balance.

There are many factors that can cause oily skin to become dehydrate such as arid climates, sun exposure and personal lifestyle choices such as alcohol, smoking, over exfoliation and using the wrong skincare products for your skin type. The most effective way to combat dehydrated skin is to use a moisturiser that is suited to oily skin and contain rehydrating properties.  

The refreshing and fast absorbing texture of Cinere Hydra Plus Timeless Moisturising Cream provides instant and long lasting results that leave skin feeling soft, smooth, healthy and hydrated. 



  •  Intensive moisturising properties
  •  Rehydrates and nourishes skin for a beautifully radiant complexion
  •  Absorbs excess oil and regulates sebum secretion
  •  Helps restore the hydrolipidic barrier often altered by acne treatments
  •  Tightens pores and reduces shine
  •  Light, non greasy, non comedogenic formula
  •  Suitable for oily skin

How to Use

Apply Cinere Hydra Plus Timeless Moisturising Cream to the face and neck each morning or as required.  Massage gently into the skin using small circular motions until the cream has been completely absorbed.


For a nutrient rich boost, use Cinere Extra Rich Nourishing Cream during the night to repair and restore healthy skin.


  • Which skin care products are recommended for someone under the age of thirty?

    There are various Cinere skin care products we would recommend to someone under the age of thirty. Here are a few examples we would strongly recommend you to use - Firstly, to cleanse your face we advise you use Cinere Daily Face Wash or use the correct cleanser that matches your skin type (Cinere Cleansing Milk for Combination Skin / Cinere Cleansing Gel for Oily Skin / Cinere Cleansing Toner for All Skin Types). Secondly, we advise you to use a suitable moisturising cream such as Cinere Moisturising Cream for Combination Skin or Cinere Moisturising Cream for Oily Skin. Thirdly, we propose you use Cinere Double Action Revitalising Eye Cream for the area of skin around your eyes as well applying Cinere Lightening Mask to control the colour of the skin tone. Finally, if you are exposing your skin to extended hours of direct sunlight we strongly recommend you use Cinere Sunblock Cream to protect from harmful UV rays.

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