Herbal Energising Cleansing Toner

Herbal Energising Cleansing Toner

Effectively dissolves any trace of dirt, excess oil, impurities and heavy makeup from the skin

125 cc / 18 £

About This Product

Cinere 100% Natural Cleansing Toner effectively dissolves every last trace of dirt, excess oil, impurities and debris from the skin, including heavy makeup. Water activates the Toner transforming it into a silky textured milk that cleanses deep into the skin for a clear and beautiful complexion.  Micro particles unblock pores, smooth out skin irregularities and refines skin texture. Cinere 100% Natural Cleansing Toner is a balancing deep cleansing formula with antibacterial qualities that effectively reduces excess oil production, particularly in the T-zone and helps prevent the formation of blemishes and blackheads without drying or irritating the skin. Skin is left feeling clean, supple and shine free. It is the ideal solution for combination, oily and acne prone skin. 

Cinere 100% Natural Cleansing Toneis a soap free cleanser that can be used as part of your daily skincare routine.  It gently and effectively cleanses without disturbing the skin’s natural moisture balance.  Infused with nourishing botanicals Lavender and Chamomile, it conditions, nourishes, hydrates and protects whilst providing a softening and soothing effect on the skin.  For a fresh, invigorating blast, just activate with water. Cinere 100% Natural Cleansing Toner combines a unique blend of pure herbs and natural extracts that contain glow enhancing and brightening properties.  Dull, tired skin is instantly transformed into a healthy, radiant and refreshed complexion.  


  •  A natural and effective way to cleanse oily skin
  •  Contains a unique blend of active herbal ingredients
  •  Leaves skin velvety smooth and hydrated
  •  Non allergenic formula
  •  Unclogs pores and reduces the formation of blackheads and pimples
  •  Gently dissolves makeup and excess oil without drying the skin
  •  Contains glow enhancing and brightening properties

How to Use

Apply a liberal amount of Cinere 100% Natural Cleansing Toner to your hands or cotton wool.  Gently massage into the skin using circular motions over the face and eye area. Rinse well with warm water or wipe off with cotton wool. 



For the best results follow with Cinere Herbal Energising Cleansing Toner to complete the cleansing process.


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