100% Natural Cleansing Milk for Combination Skin

100% Natural Cleansing Milk for Combination Skin

Gently and effectively removes impurities and make up from the skin using natural extracts

150 cc / 16 £

About This Product

Cinere 100% Natural Cleansing Milk is a refreshing alternative to cleansing creams. Our cleansing milk provides an effective yet gentle cleansing action for those who prefer a more traditional milky texture. Cinere 100% Natural Cleansing Milk is an oil-in-water emulsion that works on the premise that oil attracts oil. This naturally gentle cleanser effectively lifts all traces of dirt and makeup without stripping the skin of the natural oils that are essential for healthy skin.  The vital protective properties of the skin are preserved and the skin’s natural balance is maintained.  Our cleansing milk has the ultra-light consistency of a gel and milk combined, the smooth texture is ideal for removing makeup and leaving the skin feeling soft, silky smooth, clean and hydrated.



• Gently and effectively lifts all traces of makeup and dirt
• Helps to maintain the skin’s natural moisture levels
• Leaves skin feeling soft and silky smooth
• Non allergenic, alcohol free formula
• Alleviates tightness leaving skin feeling supple and hydrated
• Deep cleansing action removes impurities and unclogs pores

How to Use

Apply a liberal amount of Cinere 100% Natural Cleansing Milk to your hands or cotton wool.  Gently massage into the skin using circular motions over the face and eye area.  Rinse with warm water or wipe off with cotton wool.  Avoid direct contact with the eyes.


For the best results apply Cinere Herbal Energising Cleansing Toner to complete the cleansing process.   Apply Cinere Hydra Plus Timeless Moisturising Cream to the face and neck each morning or as required.  Massage gently into the skin using small circular motions until the cream has been completely absorbed.


  • The skin on my face is very dry, what can I do to treat this?

    There are several ways to treat dry skin. For the best results use a cleanser that has been formulated to treat dry skin.  We would suggest using Cinere 100% Cleansing Milk for Combination Skin or Cinere Hydrating Face Wash for Combination Skin.  Follow up with Cinere Cleansing Toner for All Skin Types to complete the cleansing process.  Apply Cinere Hydra Plus Moisturising Cream for Combination Skin twice a day. This will improve skin texture and alleviate the dryness and leave the skin supple and moisturised.

  • Which skin care products are recommended for someone under the age of thirty?

    There are various Cinere skin care products we would recommend to someone under the age of thirty. Here are a few examples we would strongly recommend you to use - Firstly, to cleanse your face we advise you use Cinere Daily Face Wash or use the correct cleanser that matches your skin type (Cinere Cleansing Milk for Combination Skin / Cinere Cleansing Gel for Oily Skin / Cinere Cleansing Toner for All Skin Types). Secondly, we advise you to use a suitable moisturising cream such as Cinere Moisturising Cream for Combination Skin or Cinere Moisturising Cream for Oily Skin. Thirdly, we propose you use Cinere Double Action Revitalising Eye Cream for the area of skin around your eyes as well applying Cinere Lightening Mask to control the colour of the skin tone. Finally, if you are exposing your skin to extended hours of direct sunlight we strongly recommend you use Cinere Sunblock Cream to protect from harmful UV rays.

  • How do I get rid of the dark circles and fine lines under my eyes?

    To treat the dark circles and fine lines under your eyes we suggest using Cinerex Ageless Eye Contour Serum followed by Cinere Double Action Revitalising Eye Cream twice a day. The serum and eye cream work in synergy to reduce dark circles, erase fine lines and wrinkles whilst lifting and toning the eye contour area for a brighter, youthful appearance.

  • How do I treat frown lines and the wrinkles on my forehead?

    To reduce frown lines and wrinkles we recommend using Cinerex Advanced Regenerating Anti Wrinkle Serum followed by Cinere Repair and Control Anti Ageing Cream twice a day.  This combination will help to erase fine lines, reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles and promote new collagen and elastin production for skin that is soft and smooth with a visibly youthful appearance. 

  • How do I stop the skin on my face from sagging?

    Sagging skin can be treated by using Cinerex Anti Gravity Serum followed by Cinere Firming Lifting Cream. For the best results use both the serum and the cream twice a day.  Skin will become firmer, more toned and facial contours will appear more defined for a youthful and uplifted appearance.

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